Twitter censors ‘bisexual’ hashtag, apologises to users

Twitter that updated a policies final week to quarrel abuse in an fit approach has come underneath glow for censoring LGBTQ terms like “bisexual” on a platform.

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According to The Verge on Monday, while updating a policies, a micro-blogging website also censored a “bisexual” hashtag underneath a adult calm rules.

The biggest updates on a height enclosed aroused behaviour, self-harm, spam and associated behaviours, striking assault and adult content.

Angry Twitterati posted opposite a move.

“If we hunt #bisexual and click on photos or news there are no results. This is bi-erasure. @Twitter has finished this. We exist,” tweeted one user.

The updates final week were partial of revamp to Twitter’s policies surrounding online abuse.

Reacting to a latest controversy, Twitter posted: “We’ve identified an blunder with hunt formula for certain terms. We apologize for this. We’re operative fast to solve will refurbish soon”.

Earlier in October, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had pronounced that a amicable media height would take a some-more assertive position in a manners and a coercion of them.

Dorsey, in his proclamation that was a response to a #WomenBoycottTwitter protest, pronounced that a height would rise new manners for things like neglected passionate advances, non-consensual nudity, hatred symbols, aroused groups, and tweets that worship violence.

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