Do It Now: There Is No Promise That Tomorrow Is a Reality

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One emanate confronting everybody as we get comparison is “how many longer do we have on this earth?” There is no answer, tomorrow is not betrothed to anyone, regardless of your age.

Today is a Only Day You Are Promised, Not Tomorrow

As a 76-year-old man, we review about people comparison and younger than me failing each day. I’m not fearful of a fact that my name will be combined to that list during some time, though it does make me consider about what we wish from each day we am given.

Our Youth is Filled with Mistakes, and We Must Learn from Them

Anyone who tells we they have no regrets about their life is a liar. Whether they are large or small, we all wish we had been wiser when we were younger. The law is, all we have is now. If we arise adult tomorrow, that day is a present and we contingency use it wisely. We have no time for regrets, anger, hatred, jealousy, or any other disastrous emotion. This day is an event to live.

This is an Article About a Joy of Life

This essay is not meant to be morose, it is dictated to make everybody comprehend that worrying about tomorrow is a rubbish of time. I’m not suggesting that we should not devise or consider about a future, though we should not put all of a efforts into a time that might never come. Tell those we adore that they are critical to we each day. Do something that creates we grin from a inside out each day.

I Write About a Future, though we Don’t Live in It

As a author whose articles are essentially focused on America and a future, we am compulsory to demeanour forward. However, this is in contrariety to my reality. we am a advantageous man. we am deeply in adore with my bride of 27 years. We have a honeyed dog who gives us good joy, love, and laughter. Our home is tiny though has all we need and we would never demeanour for another. Northern Nevada has all 4 seasons, though for a many part, they are amiable and a beauty this offers us is not exceeded in any other area of a United States.

Like all comparison Americans, we have earthy challenges, though we am really beholden that my mind is as active as it was 40 years ago. we stay sensitive and do what we am means to surprise others of a existence of what is function in a nation each day.

I am operative on my 10th novel and have begun an autobiography. Creativity is required for a feeling of accomplishment.

Uncertain Times Offered Opportunity

In 2008 we was laid off from a largest electrical retailer in America, and we am grateful. At age 63 we was means to start my life’s passion as a writer. we wrote my initial novel, “A Little Murder in a Biggest Little City,” and in 2012 we began essay for a Las Vegas-based journal for a male who has turn a dear friend, nonetheless we have never met in person.

Writing is a Passion that Cannot be Denied

The one thing we can tell we about all writers, we can never stop. Our smarts won’t concede it. Every so mostly we tell myself; “I’m going to take a day off.” However, an thought literally pops into my shaved conduct and we have to put it into a created word. One thing leads to another and we have created 500-1,000 words.

Never Ending Appreciation

Never let a notation go by but appreciating a present of life. Never scapegoat your principles, your morals, or your ideals for anything. Always do a right thing as we see it and we will never be unhappy in yourself.

One of my favorite quotes is, “Today is a Good Day to Have a Good Day.” we wish we all a best day of your life and appreciate we for reading my rants.

By James Turnage, Author of “Four More Years”


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