Why World AIDS Day Is Important [Video]

World AIDS DayWorld AIDS Day
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HIV and AIDS are still vital issues in a society, yet many people don’t know since it’s so critical to be wakeful of them. On Dec 1 any year, World AIDS Day is distinguished worldwide to lift recognition about HIV and AIDS. It’s critical that everybody know how these diseases are spread, how they can be prevented, and what one should do if they consider that they have them.

What Is HIV?

Did we know that a tellurian immunodeficiency pathogen (HIV) is a pathogen that attacks a defence system? It creates it formidable to quarrel off other viruses, that means if we have HIV, we could rise an strenuous series of diseases. This can occur within weeks or months after removing putrescent with HIV. Although there’s no heal for HIV yet, medicine can assistance people live longer and healthier lives.

If we do not have entrance to diagnosis and impediment services such as condoms or purify needles — or if your partner does not know their standing — you’re during risk for removing HIV from them. The good news is: There are ways to forestall this. If everybody knew how critical it was to get tested regularly, we could stop delivery entirely.

How HIV Turns Into AIDS

World AIDS DayWorld AIDS Day
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AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. If left untreated, HIV becomes AIDS. At that point, a defence complement is too diseased to quarrel off many common infections like pneumonia or tuberculosis.

AIDS is a critical illness that can be fatal. It’s caused by HIV, a pathogen that attacks a body’s cells and solemnly destroys a ability to quarrel off infection and disease. The defence complement becomes “acquired” since a physique isn’t innate with it. It has to learn how to urge itself from unfamiliar invaders on a possess as we grow adult and get comparison (usually until about age 60).

World AIDS Day: Signs and Contraction

When someone has HIV yet doesn’t know it nonetheless (because they don’t have any symptoms), they’re called “HIV-positive.” People who have no signs of being putrescent with HIV are pronounced to be “HIV-negative.” This means they’re not putrescent with this pathogen even yet they could be defenceless in some approach over time.

Especially if they hadn’t taken precautions opposite removing putrescent beforehand. Such as regulating condoms when carrying sex with mixed partners or pity needles while injecting unlawful drugs such as heroin into their veins underneath their skin hankie (skin popping).

People competence turn putrescent by carrying defenceless passionate retort though regulating latex condoms rightly any singular time during retort and both partners competence not know possibly either chairman has been tested before starting carrying defenceless sex together. Or by pity injection needles/syringes used for injecting travel drugs into one another’s bloodstreams though correct sterilization first. They could be innate from an putrescent mom who carries babies by pregnancy notwithstanding meaningful she had engaged hepatitis B years ago while giving birth before.

World AIDS Day: It’s Not a Death Sentence

You competence consider that HIV is a genocide sentence, yet this is not true. Many people who are diagnosed with HIV now take drugs that forestall a pathogen from surpassing to AIDS and they lead prolonged and healthy lives.

AIDS stands for acquired defence scarcity syndrome, that is caused by dual forms of viruses: HIV-1 and HIV-2. The initial is obliged for many cases in Africa and Asia; a second is found mostly in West Africa.

HIV attacks a defence complement (the body’s healthy invulnerability opposite disease) by infecting white blood cells called supporter T-cells. It afterwards uses these cells to replicate itself quickly, swelling via your physique until we have no some-more supporter T-cells left to quarrel off infections or diseases such as cancer or pneumonia. As time goes on though treatment, your physique becomes some-more receptive to opportunistic infections that can means genocide or serious illness if untreated. Because of this danger, many people with HIV contingency take drugs daily so they don’t get sicker over time unless they do something unsure like carrying defenceless sex with someone else who has an STD/STI (sexually transmitted disease/infection).


Still, there are approximately 1 million Americans vital with HIV currently and thousands some-more are being diagnosed any year. It’s critical to know that we can strengthen yourself and your village by articulate about HIV impediment and testing.

In a United States, group who have sex with group (MSM) comment for roughly two-thirds of new HIV infections. In addition, African Americans are disproportionately influenced by HIV in a United States. Black people make adult 12% of a U.S. race yet comment for 44% of new infections any year.

Increasing Issue in a LBGTQ+ Community

HIV is an emanate that affects everyone, yet it’s generally critical to know how a LGBTQ+ village is during risk. In fact, a new investigate found that transgender women were some-more expected to rivet in unsure passionate behaviors. They’re also reduction expected to be tested for HIV compared with their cis-gendered (non-trans) counterparts. The same investigate also found that transwomen face aloft rates of misery and homelessness than other LGBT individuals.

Accordingly, World AIDS Day serves as a sign of a need for protected sex practices within a LGBTQ+ village — quite among transgender people — and beyond.

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is a day to lift recognition about HIV and AIDS. It is also a day to remember those who have died from HIV and AIDS. By lifting recognition we can assistance stop a widespread of these diseases and give people with HIV/AIDS a possibility during vital prolonged and healthy lives.

By Sheena Robertson


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