The USPS Is a Hot Mess and Needs a Major Reformation

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DeJoy is a Disaster

I’m not arcane to what is function inside a USPS, though we do know that it has turn worse over any of a final 7 decades. Trump’s appointee, Louis DeJoy, is apparently intentionally incompetent, appearing to do all probable to idle your mail use once and for all.

Let me tell we a few things that happened in Sun Valley, Nevada, over a final month.

  • First, a mail began to arrive as late as 8:15 in a evening.
  • Second, on dual unbroken Sundays, we perceived a mail delivery.
  • Third, Yesterday, 11/29/22 there were dual mail deliveries: one during about 5 in a evening, and another usually before 8 p.m.

It is not odd for mail we send to kin in California to arrive 4 or 5 days after we took it to a post office. Last year, a birthday label we sent my hermit in Colorado was not perceived for about 30 days.

Constant Changes in Service from a USPS are not Positive

There have been warnings from post bureau crew about Christmas cards and presents.

In a past, first-class mail and packages were deliberate “on time” if they arrived within dual or 3 days. The new customary is now 4-5 days.

There are final from open groups that President Biden idle a stream Board of Regulators and glow Postmaster Louis DeJoy. DeJoy’s appointment was immediately controversial. He owns a association that operates a private mail smoothness use and wants to reinstate a United States Postal Service.

Decreased Use of a Mail System was Expected

Like many Americans, my use of a USPS is limited, distinct 20 years ago. we compensate my bills online. we sequence presents on Amazon that now delivers many of a possess sales. Occasionally we accept my personal purchases from Amazon by a internal postal carrier.

DeJoy’s Appointment was Intended to Aid Trump’s Reelection

During a 2020 election, DeJoy distant dozens of classification machines and private mailboxes from low-income areas. It was an apparent try to assist Trump in his reelection bid. During a days after early voting began, DeJoy was underneath conflict by congress.

WASHINGTON — Democrats used a Monday conference on Capitol Hill to monster U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, whom they indicted of intentionally sabotaging a nation’s postal complement in sequence to assistance President Trump’s reelection prospects.

“Either by sum insufficiency we have finished a 240-year story of delivering a mail reliably on time, or a second end we can accumulate is, you’re doing this on purpose,” pronounced Rep. Stephen Lynch, D-Mass.

Another Member of Trump’s Mafia

DeJoy is underneath review by a FBI for purported debate financial law violations when he was in control of his former business.

I, and others, have called a Trump administration a “Washington Mafia.” This becomes some-more clear each day. Nearly everybody compared with Trump has been investigated by supervision agencies, both state and federal. His might be a many endless crime syndication in a nation’s history.

Even several of Trump’s lawyers are confronting rapist charges. Michael Cohen was usually a first, a beginning. One thing contingency never be forgotten, as a reliable virulent narcissist, Trump is entirely wakeful of each crime committed on his behalf. He trusts no one and is a “ultimate control freak.”

Trump Must be Punished for his Many Crimes

If Trump is not convicted of his many crimes, there is no probity in America. Seeing Trump behind steel bars is a must, and something we wish to see in my lifetime.

By James Turnage, Author of “Sheena, Queen of a Streets”


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