This village festival in Thane celebrates foraged furious edibles each monsoon

With Mumbai nod a capricious monsoon, a anniversary festival scarcely 100 km divided hails a sleet gods by a operation of foraged furious edibles

Go furious in Shahapur: This village festival in Thane celebrates plant-based dishes any monsoon


Mohraan hums a sleet song: “Aala aala vara sange pavasachya dhara/pathavani kara saya nighalya saasura.” In this poetic ditty, rice saplings — nonetheless to be sown in a fields — are called immature girls. Once they are prepared to be transplanted, their thoroughfare from cosy pieces of land to a expanded fields is essayed in science as a married girl’s introduction in her husband’s home. “Saya means crony in Marathi. That’s how we model rice saplings. These terms in folklore conclude a attribute with inlet and food,” says Sameer Savlaram Adhikari, co-owner of Mohraan farms.

With a concentration on preserving internal believe systems, monsoons on this Shahapur plantation call for celebration. The revelries spread in slight duties aligned with a season. From resting walks in a wild, kayaking in a rain-fed streams and a discerning showering in a inexperienced waterfalls to anticipating greens, picking a right partial of a plant and training a secrets of cooking a furious ingredient, a food timberland is a pathway to practising sustenance. Regional furnish peaks between Jun and September, and congruently, a menu adapts to opposite plant-based foods.

Wild edibles during Mohraan
Wild edibles during Mohraan

Adhikari draws a courtesy to this week’s collect over a telephonic exchange: “Our worn-out wicker basket binds shevla, loth, proposal pods of kuda, proposal leaves of kuli, smithea leaves, and more. The entrance week competence have some other wildlings in store for us. After a conflict of rains, a kitchen is a centrepoint of surprises.” He shares how certain kinds of herbaceous vegetables finish their life cycles within a initial few days of a season. The recognition of a genealogical communities is critical to Mohraan’s moving farm-to-table food journey. For instance, Adhikari recounts, “Natives of a segment know, that partial of a herb is useful and that partial isn’t. Harvesting certain dishes requires skill. Shevla [elephant feet yam] flowers and a leaves of loth [lodh tree] can trigger itchiness due to a participation of oxalate crystals in them. The tribals taught us that such plant tools contingency be baked with nana bondara leaves to annul a illusive itchiness while maintaining a nutrients of a ingredient.”


If we visited a farms in a entrance week with a large appetite, what would we be served? “That depends on what we reap,” Adhikari says, offer adding that there’s a possibility of us being welcomed with dishes such as kulichi bhaji, kudyachya shenganchi bhaji or some kavala bhaji. He assures of a robust fare. About normal remedies, he remembers to discuss takala or Cassia tora. The weed that is also famous as sickle senna in a tropics is touted as a informative heal for stomach ailments. “The proposal shoots of takala are consumed during a initial showers. The segment also witnesses a credentials of specific plant tools to symbol festivals. Moringa leaves underline in dishes on Krishna Janmashtami, and to applaud Ashadhi Ekadashi, Maharashtrians whip adult a sabzi regulating vaghate — a fruit valued for a digestive benefits,” he informs.

One competence not emerge out of Mohraan as a practitioner of sustainability, though carrying enjoyed monsoons by food-foraging during a plantation stay, they will realize a pitfalls of prevalent informative assimilation. 

At: Mohraan Farms, Sakurli, Shahapur, Thane
Log on to: 
Call: 9869042865

Boiled vali

Vali or furious atmosphere potatoes thrive during pre-monsoons, and are immediately harvested by a tribals of Sakurli. These potatoes have anti-inflammatory properties, and are a abounding source of minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates.

4 to 5 furious atmosphere potatoes
1 fistful of timber ash
A lurch of salt
1 large play of water

Wash and rinse a creatively harvested tubers. Once dry, cut them into skinny slices; any cut should be scarcely 5 mm thick. Now, move these slices to a boil in a largish pot with a inexhaustible trace of timber ash. Once boiled, supplement cold H2O and spin off a gas. Keep a atmosphere potato slices submerged in a pot overnight. Drain a H2O out on a following day, and rinse a slices in using water. Boil them again in saltwater for dual minutes. Strain a H2O to offer a boiled slices hot. Because of their singly bitter, tainted and harsh flavour, furious potatoes ambience best with sugarine and milk.

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