Orlando shooting: Facebook activates Safety Check feature

Washington: In a initial for a US, amicable networking hulk Facebook on Sunday activated a Safety Check underline for users in a issue of a a mass sharpened during a happy nightclub in Florida in that during slightest 50 people were killed and 53 others injured.


The underline allows people to forewarn their friends if they are in a influenced area and symbol themselves as safe.

A click or daub on a “I’m Safe” symbol lets friends and desired ones know true away. Users can also check to see either their friends are protected too.

The gunman, named by officials as Afghan-origin Omar Mateen, 29, was killed by a SWAT group after he took hostages during Pulse, a renouned happy night club.

It is believed that a suspect, who was a US citizen from a Florida city of Port St Lucie, was not on a terrorism watch list, nonetheless he was being investigated for an separate rapist act, BBC reported.

US President Barack Obama called a mass sharpened an “act of terror” and “act of hate”.

Facebook’s Safety Check feature, launched in Oct 2014, has now been deployed on several occasions including a militant attacks in Paris.

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