What Is My Passion?


At this indicate in my life, we see a reason because people mostly contend that time flies!

As a child we wish to be an adult. The existence is: We are always acid for something. People wish to be immature again. Oh, what we could do over! we would only play, frolic, and suffer my youth. No responsibilities and depending on someone else is a whole opposite feeling. You know someone will be there if we fall.

Longing to be out in a universe giveaway and accountable for yourself is a good feeling. Then, we see what this universe is unequivocally about; a dispatch and discord of bland life is so draining.

Nobody ever told me we would need to have good credit! Nobody ever told me that people are oppressive and have a intensity to break my world.

Living paycheck to paycheck is a terrible feeling. Living over your means is even worse. Debt is a tough thing to overcome. we have schooled by knowledge that if we comprehend my passion, we will be happier overall.

I went to propagandize 3 times for 3 opposite occupations; Auto-mechanics, surgical technician, and cosmetology school. None of that were my loyal passion, and in turn, we was unsuccessful.

However, I did work in all 3 fields, though we was never happy. we never felt like we would like to retire from any of those jobs.

Working in a automobile attention was tough! we was a girly-girl changing tires and doing oil changes. This pursuit was a good accomplishment, though we never got to do any genuine work on a vehicles. we was taboo from doing anymore than maintenance.

It was a form of taste we faced via my career as an auto-mechanic. we lerned a interns on a basis and they would get promoted while we stayed during a same position. It was so frustrating that we burnt each overpass in a automotive attention solely for my stream job.

I was rash and had a mouth like a sailor. we consider we accursed out each male in all a dealerships we worked during before withdrawal a field.

Surgical tech propagandize was enlightening. Being a surgical technician was a good job. However, a surgeons were not unequivocally nice. As a doctor’s right hand, we would consider they would provide we well. This was not a case. They acted as if they were so many improved than others.

“We all put a pants on one leg during a time,” we pronounced as we stormed out of that job. If memory serves me right, we trust we burnt that overpass as well. It unequivocally takes a special chairman to work in that industry.

Creating a business was my idea after all that. The subsequent step was nails and waxing. we contingency say, cosmetology propagandize was a many fun. The licenses authorised me to make something of myself. we was means to start my possess business called, “Joycie’s Mobile Toes.” After a seventh in-home toes event, while doing nails in my possess home; we was over it. It only was not my passion.

I met some good people via that adventure, though it was one of those situations where we indispensable income to make money. Sometimes people ask me if we still do toes. It is humorous a things people remember me for.

So here we am, benefaction day, operative during an eccentric dealership doing pretension work and vital paycheck-to-paycheck. As a seasoned workman and associating of a credit severity, we have satisfied that my life has upheld me by, and we never found my genuine passion.

In that gloomy moment, we motionless to write. Who knows? Maybe this is what we have been looking for this whole time. Two good things came out of my efforts to turn a writer; I wrote dual children’s books. One is self-published and a other was desirous by my grand-daughter.

Life is humorous in a way; as prolonged as we make money, we can survive. However, can we be happy?

Written by Joyce Preston
Edited by Jeanette Smith

Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Pierre PRESTAT’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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