Waffle House Shooter, Travis Reinking, Captured by Police


Metro Nashville Police hold a press discussion during 3 p.m. ET, on Apr 23, 2018. The devise was to plead a detain of Travis Reinking, a Waffle House shooter.

Reinking was arrested behind a unit formidable where he was final seen. He was along a timber line area behind a apartments.

Earlier on Monday, a proprietor found an dull laptop box nearby a road. Police believed it belonged to a Waffle House shooter. There was zero in a bag save a handwritten ID label with Reinking’s name created on it.

The military were not certain if a shooter forsaken or rejected it before or after a shooting. It is believed Reinking has been in a area given Saturday night.

After he was taken into custody, Reinking refused to make a statement. According to police, he requested a lawyer.

First, military took Reinking to a sanatorium to be checked out. After a outing to a hospital, he will be taken to a Nashville jail. He will be requisitioned on 4 depends of rapist homicide.

A citizen’s tip led military to a Waffle House shooter. Shortly after receiving a tip, 29-year-old Reinking was prisoner while walking by a woods.

Nashville Police Chief Steve Anderson stated, “It’s a village effort, this would not have been achieved but a team-work of a community, and it was a citizen’s tip that led to this apprehension.”

When Reinking was captured, he was armed and carrying a flashlight. He was armed with a china Kimber semi-automatic arms with .45 size ammunition. His wallet with his Colorado ID was in his backpack, according to police.

Written by Jeanette Smith


CNN: Waffle House sharpened think captured

Image Courtesy of Gerry Dincher’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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