Rajkot-based sports author Haresh Pandya’s physique found during Aji Dam

The Rajkot military on Saturday found a passed physique of good famous sports author Haresh Pandya. The physique of Pandya, 53, was fished out from a Aji Dam, around 7.30 am by Aji Dam military after a military control room sloping them off. Senior Police examiner PN Vagela, of Aji Dam military hire said, “Our group rushed to a dam shortly after we perceived sign from a control room, though he was already dead.

Haresh Pandya

“We think a occurrence competence have happened before 7.30 am.” According to questioning military underling inspector, FR Rathwa, rough inquiries with a family suggested that Pandya left his residence on Friday morning to learn English during Virani Science College, though he did not lapse home in a evening.

When his family attempted reaching him on his dungeon phone, they detected a mobile was left during home. His hermit and friends afterwards started looking for Pandya. According to Rathwa, a few people famous to Pandya, arrived on Saturday morning during Aji dam bridge, located in a hinterland of Rajkot city and were repelled to find a self-murder note (written in English) as good as Pandya’s footwear.

They afterwards sensitive a control room. When asked about a essence of a self-murder note, a military officer said, “The note settled that he was fed adult with his health issues and his family should not be harassed. “We found out that Pandya was diabetic and suffered from hyper tragedy for a prolonged time. He was also treated for a heart ailment earlier.”

Asked either a scratch on a self-murder note was indeed that of Pandya’s, Rathwa replied in a affirmative. “We think that he jumped from a overpass (more than 25 feet) into a water,” he said. Pandya’s physique was taken to a polite sanatorium in Rajkot where an autopsy was conducted. The news is awaited. Meanwhile, Sr PI Vagela said, “We have only instituted a examine and will record statements of his family members. The rough examine indicates it is a box of suicide.” The military have purebred a genocide vide ADR no 164/ 2017 underneath 174 of Criminal Procedure Code.

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