Mass grave found in Libyan city of Sirte

Libyan confidence services and a Red Crescent group have found a mass grave in a city of Sirte, some 450 km easterly of Tripoli, according to a internal official. “A Red Crescent team, in team-work with confidence services, managed to locate a mass grave in a city of Al-Dher in western Sirte. They surrounded a site tentative sequence from a Public Prosecutions to puncture and shovel a bodies,” Xinhua news group quoted Sirte Municipal Council orator Mohammed Al-Imil as observant on Saturday.


“The mass grave contains an vague series of different bodies. DNA samples will brand them.” Mass graves of civilians or troops crew executed by a Islamic State (IS) are mostly found in Sirte. The IS affiliates seized control of a city dual years ago before a UN-backed supervision diminished and degraded them in Dec 2016.

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