Las Vegas Councilman Ricki Barlow Corruption Investigation Continues


Las Vegas City Councilman Ricki Barlow had been underneath review by a FBI for crime charges. The 3-year-long review continues.

A sovereign grand jury recently listened testimony from eye witnesses, according to a Las Vegas Journal-Review.

Barlow was initial inaugurated in 2007, however a review began after he was re-elected in 2015. It is believed that he “received kickbacks from debate finds he directed to consultants.”

In Sep 2016, Barlow reliable a review after his home was raided by a FBI and subpoenas were released for financial records, including his financial exchange with his domestic consultant Roxann McCoy, who is a boss of a internal NAACP. The debate paid $30,000 in fees to McCoy and a Aspire Consulting Group in 2015, according to state records.

The Ramirez Group is also believed to be partial of a crime investigation. It was once a politically connected open family firm. In 2016, a Barlow debate paid a organisation $70,000 in consulting fees, according to records. The Ramirez Group sealed final year. Barlow denied any allegations of wrongdoing.
President of a Ramirez Group, Andres Ramirez was a clamp authority of a DNC’s Hispanic Caucus and an “at-large superdelegate in Nevada for Hillary Clinton.

The Ramirez Group website listed a services as fundraising, investigate and analysis, media and debate strategy, database management, and approach marketing. Additionally, a organisation assisted Nevada in enrolling residents in health word skeleton underneath a Affordable Care Act, in 2013. Ramirez and his mother Jacki were aides to Sen. Harry Reid.

At a time, Richard Wright, Barlow’s attorney, pronounced he believed a FBI was looking for any violations of sovereign law by inaugurated officials who were depriving a open of services. Additionally, agents were looking for probable handle and mail rascal in tie with a 2015 campaign.

The review started with a assistance of an clandestine informant, who used a name Randall Henley. FBI agents have a clandestine video of Barlow and annals of all business exchange between Henley and Barlow in 2015 and 2016. Henley’s association was called RMH Development.

Henley’s name does not seem in any city business or state chartering records. Nor does it seem in Barlow’s debate reports, according to a Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The review is being overseen by a Nevada U.S. Attorney’s Office and a Public Integrity Section of a Justice Department in Washington D.C.

Barlow represents Ward 5 and his tenure extent is adult in 2019. He serves on a play of a Southern Nevada Health District, a Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, and a cabinet that oversees a bill of a Metropolitan Police Department.

By Jeanette Smith


Las Vegas Review-Journal: Grand jury hears testimony in crime examine of Las Vegas councilman
Las Vegas Review-Journal: Political organisation tied to crime review of Las Vegas Councilman Ricki Barlow

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