Flaunt your behest skills and moment a good understanding during this new bar in Andheri

Bloody Mary and Jalapeno Salsa
Bloody Mary and Jalapeno Salsa

Food: Can do better
Ambience: grungy
Service Fast
Cost: varies

This is one bar that Monisha Sarabhai from radio array Sarabhai vs Sarabhai would like to visit. Agent Jack’s is an app-centric bar sequence that lets we bid for your drink, and if we get lucky, we land yourself a dirt-cheap understanding for your poison.


Ever given Agent Jack’s outlets non-stop in Malad and Navi Mumbai, we’ve been extraordinary to check out a bargain-happy bar. So, when they non-stop their newest opening in Andheri, we headed there in a flash.

Located on Veera Desai Road, a skill is huge; a potion wall interiors lend a space an atmosphere of roominess. Even their smoking territory is incomparable than other watering holes in a neighbourhood. Cycle motifs and signage make approach opposite a ambience roughly everywhere — from a lights, portion dishes to a washbasin. We settle in during a list of a choice on a Sunday night and are prepared to strike jackpot.

Crispy Prawn
Crispy Prawn

App sarkar
We download a app and a attendant takes us by a grouping process. The app is glitch-free so far. The menu displays a lowest drinks cost for a day, batch market-style, and a stream behest range. There’s a large shade that displays your name and your discount process. For old-school tipplers who find downloading an app tiresome, a bar takes unchanging orders too.

We place a bid and within seconds an attendant confirms a order, completing a bump-free float to VFM daaru. The discount routine is fun, as Agent Jack throws smart repartees during us when we place low bids (see pic above). We collect a Bloody Mary (Rs 270, all prices disdainful of taxes) and a Caipiroska (Rs 280). For some chow, we select a Chicken Pesto Popper (Rs 250) and Jalapeno Salsa (Rs 225).

Chicken Pesto Popper
Chicken Pesto Popper

An offer he couldn’t refuse
The use is quick; both dishes are hot, and arrive during a list in 10 minutes. But a food doesn’t flatter. The Bloody Mary could do with stronger flavours, and a duck plate borders on a ‘hariyali kebab’ variety. Had it been named differently, it would have done a cut given it tastes great.

Agent Jack's Bar in Andheri
Agent Jack’s Bar in Andheri

The Jalapeno Salsa is some-more tawny fondue with pieces of jalapeno; a toast on a side is a saving grace. Our subsequent order, Crispy Prawns Wok fares better. The frail cloaking reveals ethereal flavours of prawn in a singular bite, a clear bar nip winner. By now, a prices are attack stone bottom due to their popularity, with vodka and whiskey pegs costing as low as ’50. The app continues to duty fuss-free with a subsequent set of orders. Our final food collect is Pizza Sicilia (‘325) that’s inexhaustible with toppings though a ambience borders towards Indian ‘sabji’ style.

Barring a few food hiccups, Agent Jack’s stays loyal to a guarantee of charity a fun bargain.

Agent Jack on a app
Agent Jack on a app

Time 5.30 pm to 1.30 am
AT De Mall, Veera Desai, Andheri West.
Call 62614222

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