Possible Tornado Touches Down in Western Iowa, One Dead

TornadoKCCI is stating that authorities state a hurricane is suspected to have overwhelmed down in western Iowa during 1:30 am CT on May 22, 2019.

The sheriff’s bureau of Adair County reports that Linda Lee Brownlee, age 74, was killed. Brownlee’s husband, Harold Brownlee, was flown to a sanatorium in Des Moines to obtain treatment. The couple’s home was broken by a probable tornado.

The probable hurricane did not means any some-more injuries.

The National Weather Service has reported that farmstead waste flew onto Interstate 80. The hurricane has not been accurate yet.

National Weather Service officials will be contemplating a area currently to establish if straight-line winds or a hurricane caused a damage.

This is a building story

Written by Barbara Sobel


KCCI: 1 dead, 1 harmed as home ripped detached in unconfirmed tornado
KCRG ABC: One passed after intensity hurricane overnight in western Iowa

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Possible Tornado Touches Down in Western Iowa, One Dead combined by Barbara Sobel on May 22, 2019
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