Pakistan rejects ‘unwarranted’ remarks by Indian counterclaim minister

Pakistan on Sunday totally deserted and strongly cursed a uncalled-for and totally unsuitable comments done by Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh during a new eventuality in Jammu, a matter from a Foreign Office (FO) said.

It pronounced that a counterclaim apportion in his remarks twisted a timeless chronological contribution about a Jammu and Kashmir dispute, leveled groundless allegations and hurled threats opposite Pakistan.

“This is not a initial time that a comparison Indian politician has attempted to expel aspersions on a legitimate, inland and only leisure onslaught of a people of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). However, provocative statements by Indian domestic total can't change a existence of IIOJK,” a FO orator said.

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According to a Foreign Office, India would be good suggested to introspect as to why, notwithstanding commanding draconian laws, holding a whole hollow underneath troops encircle for decades, imprisoning thousands of trusting Kashmiris and their loyal member and vulgar murdering of over 100,000 Kashmiris, India has not been means to douse a fire of leisure from a heart of Kashmiris.

“India needs a sign from story that a Jammu and Kashmir is an internationally recognized brawl that stays on a bulletin of a United Nations and a resolution lies in a doing of a applicable UN Security Council resolutions. Pakistan will always continue to lend all probable support to a people of IIOJK in their only onslaught to achieve their right to self-determination.”

The matter pronounced that Pakistan also calls on a general village to take unsentimental stairs to stop India from a fortitude brutalisation of a Kashmiri people and bootleg attempts to change a demographic structure of IIOJK.

“Pakistan is a proponent of informal assent and stability. At a same time, we are entirely able of thwarting any assertive designs, and we have demonstrated a solve and capability in this courtesy on countless occasions, including in a new past,” a matter serve said.