Divided universe is unwell Covid-19 test, says undone UN chief


A divided universe has unsuccessful to arise to a plea of fighting a Covid-19 pandemic, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres pronounced on Saturday and warned accordant movement was indispensable to forestall millions of people being pushed into misery and hunger.

The former Portuguese primary apportion pronounced distant some-more could have been finished if countries had worked together to fight a disease, that has killed some-more than one million people.

“The Covid-19 pestilence is a vital tellurian plea for a whole general community, for multilateralism and for me, as secretary-general of a United Nations,” Guterres told Portuguese news group Lusa.

“Unfortunately it is a exam that, so far, a general village is failing.”

He pronounced that if concurrent measures were not taken, “a little pathogen could pull millions of people into misery and hunger, with harmful mercantile effects in a years to come”.

Guterres also criticised countries for a miss of togetherness in perplexing to solve other tellurian hurdles including a conflicts in Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria.

“It is a source of huge frustration,” he said.

More than 39 million people have been putrescent by Covid-19, according to a Reuters total formed on central disclosures.

Infections have been reported in some-more than 210 countries and territories given a initial cases were identified in China in Dec 2019.