A Hindi instrumentation of playwright Dario Fo`s work reflects on internal amicable issues

Immerse yourself in a satirical instrumentation of a square by Italian playwright Dario Fo, that centres on domestic corruption

A Hindi instrumentation of Italian playwright Dario Fo's square reflects on Indian socio-political issues

Actors fortify for Ek Aur Durghatna

In 1970, Italian playwright Dario Fo’s play, Accidental Death of an Anarchist, premiered in Milan. A response to a 1969 Piazza Fontana bombing and a aftermath, it sparked a review on domestic corruption, military brutality, category dispute and other socio-political crises that gripped Italy then. Cut to 2022, India and a universe over, these conflicts still persist, digest Fo’s iconic square applicable as ever. And currently and tomorrow, a organisation of theatremakers from an behaving propagandize will entertainment a Hindi instrumentation of a play — Ek Aur Durghatna.


Adapted by Amitabh Shrivastava, a play is destined by actor and teacher Om Prakash, who founded Clay School for Actors in Malad. A National School of Drama graduate, he started a propagandize to inspire a fortify of behaving and yield a space for actors to try themselves. The play will be staged by students of a school.

“Fo’s character was different. His plays tend to mangle a fourth wall in theatre. The actors and characters bond with a assembly and afterwards go behind into a act again — that drew me. we suspicion it would be ideal for my students in terms of training,” he tells us.

Om Prakash
Om Prakash

Prakash shares that a producer and playwright was compared with a domestic Left wing in Italy. “After a [Piazza Fontana] blasts, there were many custodial deaths; a military was indicted of incidentally rounding adult culprits, something that happens even now in a lot of places,” points out Prakash. The tract revolves around a real-life story of an radical who was hold in tie to a blasts and who died in military custody. There had been a outrageous open cheer about a male failing due to oppressive inquire practices. “Fo, who had a bird’s eye perspective of society, translated this amicable emanate into a play, that exposes departmental corruption,” explains Prakash.

Ek Aur Durghatna is designed as a slapstick comedy, that a executive believes will assistance a assembly bond to a play. The tract stays loyal to a strange and is blending in a context of Mumbai. “It revolves around a insane or a insane who is underneath review during a crime bend domicile for a slew of frauds, and gets them to acknowledge a law by a array of impersonations,” a executive reveals.

On: Jul 12, 8 pm and Jul 13, 5.30 pm and 8 pm
At: Creative Adda 191, Aaram Nagar,  Part 2, Andheri West. 
Log on to: insider.in
Cost: Rs 200 onwards

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