Vidya Balan reveals a genuine reason behind her ouster from Meena Kumari’s biopic

Some new peculiar months ago, there were reports of Vidya Balan opting out of a most-anticipated biopic of Bollywood’s actress, Late Meena Kumari. Known for her autarchic behaving bravery and beauty, Kumari led a really marvellous and argumentative life. Vidya has now suggested a genuine reason behind her ouster from Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Meena Kumari biopic, that was progressing in Kangana Ranaut’s kitty. The family of a ‘Pakeezah’ singer objected Kangana personification a role. They suspicion she wouldn’t be means to clear her role.

After which, Vidya Balan was taken on board. Vidya was really penetrating on doing this biopic though had to travel off for apparent reasons. Revealing a reason to DNA, she said, “No, I’m not doing a Meena Kumari-biopic anymore. It didn’t utterly work out. we adore Meena Kumari. If we had a lady vanquish on somebody, it would be her. If she was alive, I’d substantially land adult to see her all a time. we am that preoccupied by her. we always wanted to play her.” When a announcement asked her what went wrong, a singer answered, “The book has to do justice. It can’t usually be a marvellous comment of her life, even if she is not around. It has to benefaction opposite episodes of her life and not usually a ones that will squeeze eyeballs. So, we motionless not to do it.”

The actress, who has already finished a biopic on South sensation, Silk Smitha, adds, “I did The Dirty Picture, there was sensationalism in that though that was Silk. But for everything, we can’t usually concentration on a marvellous pieces of a person’s life. we am happy to do a argumentative pieces as prolonged as it’s a well- dull perspective… Also, biopics are really supportive and they need to be finished for a right reasons. You can’t make a biopic on Meena Kumari usually since we feel everybody watches.

Even if a chairman is not around, we have too most honour for her as an artist, to usually benefaction a biased story of hers.” Are these a parameters for Vidya on doing a biopic? “I usually wish to play genuine characters and do biopics of people who we adore or bond with.” But there’s ‘nothing on a anvil’ now, she claims. “Right now, we haven’t been offering any some-more biopics,” resolved a actress.

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