Travel: Head out to Khandala for precipice traversing, other brave activities

Cliff traversing is a show-stopper during Khandala’s annual Duke Nose Festival

What is life if full of care, we have no time to mount and stare. To safeguard that we mount and glance during a beauty that is a Western Ghats, Mapping Journeys is organising trekking, rappelling and precipice traversing during a Duke Nose rise of Khandala for 4 uninterrupted days, on a fourth book of The Duke Nose Festival.

“There will be an 8 am collect adult during Lonavala station, from where we’ll ensue to a Duke Nose bottom stay for breakfast, followed by an hour-long trek to a peak. There, a technical group will be prepared with rappelling gear. The wall stretches to above 1,000ft and a initial 350ft of rappelling will be downwards,” says Veeral Raj, co-founder of a transport firm. “Next adult is precipice traversing, that is a travel along a precipice unaware a valley. The participants will be harnessed to a wire for safety,” Raj explains.

He adds that a final competition is mostly an component of warn for participants as people customarily demeanour brazen to rappelling alone. With a technical group that boasts 12 years of knowledge in a field, Raj assures a outing is protected for initial timers and for people opposite all ages. So put on those movement boots and conduct out for an brave weekend.

On Feb 10 to 13, 8 am onwards assembly indicate Lonavala Railway Station.
Log on to
Call 9867697306
Entry Rs 1,650

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