Thai Soccer Team Rescue Hampered by Rain and Diminished Health [Video]


Medical reports prove a trapped Thai soccer group and their coach’s health might impede further attempts to rescue them. Additionally, with a foresee for rain, there is an increasing clarity of urgency, according to CNN on Jul 5, 2018.

It has been scarcely dual weeks given a manager and his team, consisting of 13 members, found themselves trapped after their scrutiny backfired. They are pang from gauntness and exhaustion.

Joining a Thai Navy SEALS in a rescue are military divers from Austrailia; rescue experts from China; providing radio and communication services is Israel’s Maxtech Networks; a United States dispatched infantry from the US Indo-Pacific Command (PACOM); both Laos and Myanmar sent rescuers and divers. The U.K. also sent personnel. Two of their divers were a initial to locate the team 9 days after they unsuccessful to emerge from a cave. One of a U.K. divers was famous by a British Cave Rescue Council and bestowed an award.

According to a blueprint supposing by CNN, a teenagers were found 2.5 miles from a mouth of a cave. It appears there are several healthy beach-type areas along a track taken by boys and 4 bodies of water, that are restraint a stranded team’s exit.

On Jul 4, divers discussed perplexing to learn a Thai boys, ages 11-16, to float and dive regulating SCUBA gear. However, with a physicians’ reports of those trapped, it is doubtful a group will be clever adequate to swim.

One wish is to successfully empty a Than Luang cave, that a rescue workers are now attempting. The Weather Channel indicates a pleasant basin is combining in a Pacific ocean. There is an 80 percent probability of sleet within a subsequent 36 hours. The probability of additional flooding has workers rushing to equivocate a tragedy.

ABC’s video shows a boys wearing china thermal blankets that arrived with a medics and food. They seem to be optimistic. YouTube commenters extended prayers and good wishes for a Thai soccer team’s rescue.

This an ongoing story. Guardian Liberty Voice staff will yield updates as they turn available.

Written by Cathy Milne


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Daniel Rolston for U.S. Pacific Fleet’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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