Sign adult for an artists’ shelter in Goa

‘Tis a deteriorate to container your bags and conduct to Goa. How about doing it a small differently this time around? Instead of pouting for large selfies and Instagramming each morning and sunset, paint watercolour scenes of a state in all a country glory. Organised by The Travel of Art, a Mumbai-based art community, a Goa shelter will assistance artists (pros and amateurs) try a place by art. The outing will be led by illustrator and engineer Parinitha Konanur, who specialises in capturing a hint of civic landscapes regulating watercolours.

The four-day outing will engage birthright walks, fun activities, and even trips to a integrate of beaches. “It took us dual months to devise this trip, as this is a initial time we’re curating an art shelter in Goa. We wanted it to have a lot of internal flavour. So, everybody who attends will be staying during a birthright hotel in Panaji, and they will also accommodate a internal artist and learn from him,” says Meghana Biwalkar, owner of The Travel of Art.

Will learn participants how to make watercolours like a one above
Will learn participants how to make watercolours like a one above

She adds that as partial of a birthright walks, a organisation will try a churches of Old Goa and Panaji’s Latin Quarter. “We will also revisit an art gallery, a Houses of Goa Museum, as good as a cashew camp and internal bakery.”

Parinitha Konanur
Parinitha Konanur

The package includes accommodation, breakfast, art supplies, ride within a state, entrance tickets (wherever applicable), and a price of a internal beam concomitant a group. The thought of this trip, Biwalkar shares, is to get people to conclude delayed travel. “We wish we to soak in a story and enlightenment of Goa in a approach that unchanging tourists don’t.”

ON: Nov 2 to 5 (today is a final day for bookings) AT Panaji, Goa.
CALL: 9820170948
COST: Rs 16,500

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