Rohit Bal launches possess redolence range

Rohit Bal launches possess redolence range

rohit bal

Veteran engineer Rohit Bal has launched his operation of perfumes in partnership with Spicestyle, a conform residence by Spicejet.

Drawing impulse from history, anticipation and folklore, a fragrances embody Oudh and Aab for group and Oas and Vana for women. 

Oudh, a mix of honeyed and woody aromas, is Bal’s paper to mislaid traditions and is all about opulence, royalty, loftiness and majesty, Aab personifies masculinity, with a mix of citrus overlays, woody undertones and a spirit of jasmine, review a statement. 

Oas is a loyalty to a clever women of piece who wear their delicate attract with pride. It consists of a garden of lilies with specks of jasmine, lilac, and rosemary.

Vana, on a other hand, has been described as a ardent incense for a extreme lady of today, with an alliance of coffee with light undertones of jasmine, vanilla and cedar. 

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