Philippines President Top Contender for Vice Presidency

Courtesy of SIMEON CELI JR./PPD (Wikimedia Public Domain)

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is a tip contender for a clamp presidency, according to a consult conducted by Pulse Asia in June. After months of churned and deceptive pronouncements, Duterte reliable that he would join a clamp presidential race. However,  on Sept. 14, 2021, domestic consultant Greg Garcia settled he thinks Duterte’s preference is not final.

Campaign strategist Alan German finished a accurate prophecy since of a emanate of constitutionality. Subsequently, opinions are separate on either a Philippines boss can run for clamp presidency underneath a 1987 Constitution.

According to Article 7, Section 4 of a Constitution, a President is not authorised for reelection. While a content does not demarcate Duterte from aiming for a second-highest office, it still violates a Philippines Constitution since if a obligatory resigns or is private from office, a clamp boss can turn a president. On this basis, German believes that Duterte will not go for it.

Courtesy of Aries Neil C. Lomansoc (Wikimedia Public Domain)

As a competition to attain Rodrigo Duterte as President heats up, Filipinos are speculating a Duterte-Duterte administration. There are speculations that a personality could sojourn on a domestic stage for years like Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has finished rotating between a boss and primary apportion posts.

His daughter Sara is heading a polls for a intensity presidential candidate. While she ruled out a presidential run, supporters are propelling her to enter a candidacy. However, some experts demur to contend Duterte will run until he files his candidacy. Filipinos are speculating that Ferdinand (“Bongbong”) Marcos Jr. or Imee Marcos competence join Sara Duterte’s slate.

The Go-Duterte team-up will not materialize, according to experts. Go declined a publicity to be a presidential claimant as he wants to concentration as a lawmaker. Manny Pacquiao and Manila Mayor Francisco (“Isko”) Moreno might also announce their candidacy for president.

Written by Janet Grace Ortigas
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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Inset Image by Aries Neil C. Lomansoc Courtesy of Wikimedia – Creative Commons License

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