Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump Are Two Peas in a Pod


Since a Golden Globes Awards, everybody seems to be articulate about enlivening Oprah Winfrey to run for boss in 2019. Americans need to cruise that she and President Donald Trump are dual peas in a pod.

Forget a fact that one is black and a other is white. Both are self-focused billionaires with usually one thing in mind, their particular self-interests.

  • They are TV celebrities.
  • Neither has a law grade or domestic background.
  • Each of them exhibits hypocritical behavior.
  • He is value $3.7 billion.
  • Her net value is $2.8 billion.

Their values are many a same. In fact, so many so that Trump mentioned in 1999 and again in 2015 that he would like to have Winfrey as a regulating mate. Like a president, Winfrey’s ideas advise she will explain to foster populist theology.

A populist “always claim[s] that they — and they alone — scrupulously paint a people, or what they frequently call the genuine people or the wordless majority,” according to Jan-Werner Müller, Professor of Politics during Princeton University. He added:

Plus, populists definitely wish fight and conflict. They wish to keep a Kulturkampf  going, as prolonged as they consider they can infer that their supporters are indeed a real people, a authentic majority, against usually by a minority that betrays a homeland.

If a Kulturkampf is Trump’s objective, he is doing a superb job! Creating a enlightenment dispute caused a pointy order that significantly augmenting after he won a presidency.

Duke University highbrow Kate Bowler compared a pair. She explains that while claiming to be Christians, they worship during a same pulpit, that teaches a wealth gospel. Trump swears regulating a speculation is a usually approach to turn successful, as he explains in “The Art of a Deal.”

Whereas, a speculation Winfrey touts comes from a New Age guru/author, Rhonda Byrne. In “The Secret,” uses “the Law of Attraction, [which] is that certain meditative is a track to receiving what we wish in life, while disastrous thoughts will means bad events to occur.”

Why would America select to live by another radical candidacy, many reduction elect another eccentric billionaire TV star whose loyal vigilant is hidden?

RoseAnn DeMoro, asks a same questions when she spoke of Winfrey regulating for president. She said:

The republic doesn’t need another luminary claimant but a record. We only did this, and it’s called Donald Trump.

Since augmenting a difference in America is Trump’s continued design and Winfrey shares a same values, a healthy end is — she should not run for office.

If for some unholy reason a 2020 sheet reads: Donald J. Trump, incumbent versus Oprah Winfrey afterwards America take cover. She will lift a black opinion and their supporters. Whereas, a president’s electorate were and many expected would be separatists. The hatred crimes will rise, and a multiplication will continue to grow no matter that claimant wins, America will be a loser.

Opinion by Cathy Milne


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Alan Light’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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