Northeast Calling: Exploring Nagaland over a Hornbill Festival

If we haven’t done a outing to a northeast yet, now would be a good time to start formulation one. The annual Hornbill Festival will take place in Nagaland during a commencement of subsequent month, bringing with it a horde of events. From folk dances to wrestling competitions, from cooking contests to one that involves chomping down on prohibited Naga chillies, there is copiousness to keep we fascinated. To assistance devise your trip, we got dual experts to tell we how we can try Nagaland over a festival.

Northeast calling

On Dec 1 to 10
At Kisama village, Hornbill–Kisama Road, Nagaland.

Meet a Konyak tribesmen
The Konyak clan (in pic, above and right) of Nagaland was famous for a infamous headhunting use for  centuries, right until a 1970s. In fact, behind in a day, they would hang a heads of their enemies on a walls of their morung (communal houses). “Today, instead of tellurian heads, we will be greeted by a skulls of  animals they’ve hunted.

Northeast calling

Despite a repute they’ve earned, they’re poetic people. At a Hornbill Festival, they reenact scenes from their headhunting days,” says Amit Rane, executive of DCP Expeditions, that is conducting a trip-cum-photography seminar to a festival.

Amit Rane

Visit a birthright village
The members of a Angami Naga clan of Khonoma village, located around 20 km from Kohima, gave adult sport several years ago to assistance wildlife charge efforts in a region. “In 1998, a encampment legislature announced 20 sq km as a Khonoma Nature Conservation and Tragopan Sanctuary. In Khonoma, we can accommodate internal craftsmen and check out 200-year-old rifles used in battle,” says Rane.

Call 61818464 (DCP Expeditions)

Take a look into a lives of Naga tribes. pics courtesy/amit rane
Take a look into a lives of Naga tribes. pics courtesy/Amit Rane 

Head to a fight cemetery
The Kohima fight tomb sits during a really same mark where a Battle of Kohima took place in Apr 1944.

Head to a fight cemetery

“The  memorial is dedicated to soldiers of a 2nd British Division of a Allied Forces who mislaid their lives here fighting Japanese forces,” says Kankanmoni Deka of Guwahati-based Golden Woods Travels, that organises trips to Nagaland. He adds that story buffs could also compensate a revisit to a fight museum, that houses ominous exhibits and World War II artefacts.

Kankanmoni Deka
Kankanmoni Deka

Trek by a valley
Dzukou Valley, situated during a limit of Nagaland and Manipur, is a pleasing square of bliss for trekkers, flush with rolling carpets of immature and labyrinth rivers. “The trek is an easy one, and along a way, we will pass by small villages. The villagers are impossibly warm, and are happy to accommodate visitors. You can even lay down for a dish with them,” says Deka. Make it a three-day trek and stay overnight in a dormitory.

Call 8134025468
(Golden Woods Travels)

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