Missing Chicago Postal Worker Kierra Cole’s Parents Still Searching

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Chicago Postal Worker, Kierra Cole, was final seen on a neighbor’s notice withdrawal her South Side home on Oct. 2, 2018. According to a police, she did not news for work that day. The 26-year-old’s car was where she had final parked it; inside was her lunch and purse. Cole was 3 months profound during a time of her disappearance.

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Next week, on Oct 2, 2021, she will be blank for 3 years and her family is desperately still acid for her. Cole is pronounced to mount about 5-foot-4, with black hair and brownish-red eyes. At a time of her disappearance, she weighed roughly 125 pounds.

The military settled Cole has a tattoo of a heart on her right palm and one on her behind that says “Lucky Libra.” Her desired ones are not giving adult wish that she is still alive.

In Jul 2020, a Chicago Police dialect dangling a review into her disappearance. The month before to this cessation her family offering a $45,000 prerogative for information on their daughter’s whereabouts.

On Sept. 24, 2021, Cole’s family hold a press discussion to ask once again for anyone with information about their daughter to greatfully come forward. Her mom said:

Until they come and tell me to brand anything, we trust she is still alive. I’ll stay out here as prolonged as she is out here until we find her and move her home safe.

According to her mother, a lady seen in a notice video was not her daughter.

When we go from saying your child each day to not saying her for 3 years, no one out here can imagine.

Anyone with information that can assistance a family find their blank daughter can contention an unknown tip to a military during cptip.com.

Her family misses her severely and wishes zero some-more for her to be found.

Written by Sheena Robertson


WGN 9: Parents of blank profound Chicago postal workman Kierra Coles pronounce to media; by Brónagh Tumulty

ABC 7 Chicago: Kierra Coles’ family offers $45K prerogative for information on blank profound postal worker

Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Marco Verch’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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