Mexican military slap curved ‘demon doll’ Chucky


Handcuffed, a blade still adhering out of his overalls, a Chucky doll hunches opposite a wall as military reason him by his splendid orange hair to take his mop shot.

In a weird twist, Chucky and his owners were taken into lock-up in a city in northern Mexico progressing this week.

The puppet master, identified usually as Carlos “N” underneath Mexican norms, allegedly used a “demon doll” to shock people and direct money, internal media reported.

Both were charged with unfortunate a assent and putting others’ firmness during risk.

One officer during a military dialect in Monclova, in Coahuila state, was seen shouting as she hold adult a prolonged blade taken from Chucky.

Mexican media reported a officer who put Chucky in cuffs was after reprimanded for not holding her pursuit seriously.

Carlos “N” was after released, internal outlets reported, yet a Chucky doll’s locale are still unknown.