Meat me halfway

A new try corroborated by Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma offers plant-based nuggets, sausages, burger patties and momos. Our meat-loving reviewer came divided impressed

Meat me halfway

Plant-based duck momo, smoked duck sausages, duck nuggets and garlic schezwan chutney; we can x-ray or air-fry a nuggets

For a poignant cube of her childhood, a consanguine side of this reviewer’s Bengali family would eat eggs for breakfast, fish for lunch, and duck or red beef during dinnertime. At restaurants, a vegetarian territory on menus would be skipped. This affinity also done life easier during abroad travel. With such fuss-free eating habits, there’s small that hasn’t been sampled. It is this honesty to investigation that led us to tasting plant-based alternatives though these were some-more one-off experiences. The thought of converting wholly hasn’t appealed notwithstanding examination a renouned Netflix documentary Seaspiracy.

Recently, after entrance opposite Blue Tribe’s plant-based products on an online grocery selling portal, we motionless to give it a shot. The wrapping looked accurately like a solidified beef packs displayed beside them. The association was recently in a news after cricketer Virat Kohli and actor Anushka Sharma invested in a try and also came on house as code ambassadors given they have adopted a meat-free life.

While there were plant-based duck and mutton keema, burger patties and pig sausages on offer too, we opted for a duck nuggets, smoked duck sausages, and duck momos. The prices are aloft than meat-based versions. For example, a container of Godrej’s duck nuggets costs Rs 248 (500 gm) while Blue Tribe’s plant-based chronicle is Rs 295 (250-gm pack); a 250-gm container of solidified duck sausages costs Rs 136 while a plant-based chronicle is labelled during Rs 350. Healthy and vegan products in India are roughly always costly and such high cost points tend to be a halt for those penetrating to make a switch.

The packs come with elementary instructions. While some products need to be thawed, others can be pan-fried directly. Choose to x-ray or air-fry a nuggets; a sausages and momos can be steamed. The cooking time — pan-fry for 3 mins on any side compartment brownish-red — is identical to their tasty counterparts. All 3 products fared good on ambience and some-more importantly, got a hardness right. While we are not fans of duck nuggets or a plant-based variant, we leave it to we to arrive during your possess conclusion. The pan-fried momos were impressive. With small oil, a portions were frail and of melt-in-the-mouth texture. The concomitant garlic schezwan chutney has a right volume of spice. Our leader was a smoked duck sausages; a flavours came tighten to a genuine understanding such that if someone didn’t tell, we wouldn’t know. We placed them in a bun, slathered some mustard sauce, surfaced it with onion rings, and it tasted delicious. The website also lists fun recipes to try with these products. 

The products we attempted came with a ‘zero-cholesterol’ tag. So are we converting yet? Let’s only contend this could be a good initial step.

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Cost: Rs 195 to Rs 350 (per pack)

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