Master stroke

We attempted out an online copperplate book course, and a knowledge was enriching

Master stroke

The Copperplate Collection kit

Do we need good scratch to try calligraphy? “Absolutely not,” Sanjana Chatlani, owner of The Bombay Lettering Company, laughs, putting us during ease. “When we write, we share a thoughts on paper. 

With calligraphy, we are focusing on any cadence to emanate a style. Practice matters,” she adds. We sealed adult for her online offering, The Copperplate Collection, an online self-learning video march on a superb Copperplate book that originated in England.

Our pack is a courteous curation, and includes a personalised bookmark and cranberry tea. Supplies embody an ambiguous holder, dual nibs, ink, instruction cards, a endorsed schedule, a brownish-red use pad, and a black folder with worksheets to snippet over. “The book skeleton is formed on oval strokes. In all that we do, we are meditative of ovals and inclined lines. The beak splits open on vigour to emanate a thick line. The hairline cadence is always upwards, and a downward march  is pulled down with pressure,” Chatlani explains.

A former selling executive, her seductiveness in calligraphy began when a lady visited their bureau to write handwritten cards. Copperplate calligraphy intrigued her. “In 2017, we realised this was my calling, and started a Bombay Lettering Company. When people take my course, we wish them to use it most — write a note or set a cooking list with name cards. we will also control live sessions to answer questions,” she adds.

Our exam handwriting
Our exam handwriting

Go with a flow

We follow her instructions — a feet are resolutely on a ground, a slight spin of a physique to a left, with a worksheet during an angle so that a lines are perpendicular to a stomach; a beak is always aligned to a point of a paper lines. A cadence on a worksheet starts during a baseline, going adult to a waist line; over that are a initial and second ascenders. Below a baseline, lay a initial and second descenders. Before we start to work with a nib, we baloney some strokes and ovals on a paper to giveaway adult a movement. We fit a beak into a flange, flow ink with a dropper and thrust a beak halfway. We set a angle and start peaceful ceiling strokes that are shaky. The downward thicker cadence flows good and a beak splits open when we request pressure, releasing some-more ink. Next, we bond them with an overturn, learn a oval and try an ascender loop. Every cadence needs attention; it is therapeutic, creation us close out a world.

Sanjana Chatlani
Sanjana Chatlani

A cadence online

We dally with a book for a subsequent few days. After a elemental strokes and a videos, a reduce and tip cases are divided into groups, clubbing identical letters for easy learning. Bonus videos embody punctuations, variations, layouts and compositions. We’ve created a letters. Our straight loop needs work, and looks like scribbles; however this routine has non-stop adult a artistic world. Calligraphy is like a exemplary dance form; reside by a manners and master a strokes, as it follows a despotic style. There are forms, skeleton shapes, and once you’ve aced it, a singular art and character will emerge.

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Cost: Rs 8,499 onwards

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