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Odds are someone reading this essay perceived a present label this holiday season. But, what if a label is for a store, grill or businessman frequency busy or zero appeals to a cardholder? There is always regifting, opting to “purchase” something doubtful to be used, or vouchsafing a label languish in a drawer. Now, however, some-more people are holding advantage of websites that capacitate them to offload neglected present cards. Just be wakeful of a pros and cons concerned when offering or exchanging (and shopping resold) present cards.

The recognition of present label giving continues unabated, with cards now accessible for purchased 24×7 in vast stores and online. It is a $127 billion marketplace and an estimated $1 billion in cards go new annually. The biggest expansion areas are digital or e-gift cards that can be sent electronically in minutes, and a burgeoning options for exchanging or reselling present cards.

Reselling a present label has grown some-more common due to a rising series of sites catering to a market:,,, and and 3 vast ones. They offer some-more confidence to buyers and sellers than branch to Craig’s List or eBay. Some sites concede users to sell present cards for ones from other retailers or bondage for some-more of a lapse than if they opted for cash.

Here are some other things to consider:


The upsides to offering or exchanging present cards include:

  • People who sell their present cards accept distant reduction income than a present card’s face value. The rates are mostly formed on supply and demand, and it behooves sellers to emporium around for a best deal.
  • The sites concede people to squeeze resold gift cards during a discount. (This is a good approach to buy present cards for presents or oneself.) Types offering change formed on what they recently acquired. However, if someone skeleton to buy something for $100 during a store and can collect adult a label value that many for $90, they saved 10 percent right off a top! The best offering present cards on embody Walmart, Target, Home Depot, iTunes, Macys, eBay, Starbucks, and AMC Theatres.
  • Surprisingly, a cards resold a many in 2016, according to, embody vital retailers where anyone could straightforwardly find something to purchase. The list contains Amazon, Target, BestBuy, and Macy’s. ITunes and Starbucks are on a list too, though not everybody likes digital party or coffee. The sellers possibly indispensable a income or chose a label they indispensable more.
  • Reputable present label exchanges or resellers offer guarantees that a cards are legitimate.


The downsides include:

  • A outrageous criminal is receiving reduction than a face value of a label being sold. Some sites compensate 80 to 90 cents on a dollar for renouned cards, though other cards usually resell during 50 percent of a face value. That might daunt some sellers, though removing something is improved than putting a label in a drawer and forgetful about it.
  • For label purchasers, some cards are usually offering for sale (or exchange) during 1 or 2 percent off a face value.
  • Not each present label can be sole or exchanged. It depends on a recognition of a businessman during that it can be redeemed. For example, a vast inhabitant sequence is generally accepted, though a smaller one or a informal one might not be.

Many people done New Year’s resolutions to urge their finances, emporium smarter, or equivocate clutter. In annoy of a pros and cons, holding advantage of sites that exchange, sell or buy present cards can be stairs in a right direction.

Written and Edited by Dyanne Weiss

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