Dear women! 10 innovative ways to re-use your aged sari

Don’t only chuck divided your aged sari, though re-use it by branch it into a kurta or a pillow cover, contend experts. Designers Kamaldeep Kaur and Rohini and Dipti Singh have listed down some innovative ways with that we can reuse a aged sari.

Ways to re-use aged sari
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1. You can make a smart Anarkali or a kurta out of it that can be teamed with a set of palazzos.

2. If it is a georgette or a sheer sari, it can be reinvented into a sharara and a dupatta that we can span with a kurta.

3. If it is a silk sari, afterwards we can make a dupatta out of it and span it adult with a plain plain colour kurta and pants. You can also make pillow covers with it.

4. If it is a Benarasi sari, afterwards we can cut out a limit by a whole length, and put it on a plain colour sheer or georgette sari. You can make pillow covers or dupatta or cloth bags with a rest of it.

5. You can also make lehenga for girls, kurtas, bed curtain with a border. Another choice can be curtains.

6. Borders from aged saris can be re-used on new saris.

7. You can also supplement a smart turn to a aged sari.

8. You can go for a sleeveless coupler instead of a blouse with a aged sari.

9. Ditch a petticoat, and furnish a sari over jeans.

10. You can also use dual opposite saris, cut them into halves or use dual resisting dupattas and furnish them around like a sari. Add some engaging trinket to make them stay together.

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