Curated activities to do in Mumbai this week

If you’re looking for activities to do this weekend, here’s a choice that is certain to keep we busy

Curated activities to do in Mumbai this week

Sorabh Pant


Booked for fun
Books: Head over to a Bandra bookstore for a contention where Sorabh Pant will discuss about his new title, Vote for Sorabh. In his book of toned-down thoughts and toothless opinions, a comedian and author attempts to answer a few engaging questions with some giggles. 
Time 6.30 pm 
At The White Crow Books and Coffee, Bandra East. 
Log on to @thewhitecrow booksandcoffee on Instagram
Call 8369863437


Do a Math

Do a Math
Theatre: Register for executive Mohit Takalkar’s play, Mathemagician, that is a constrained investigate in contrasts and focuses on a inevitable amiability of a theme that competence differently be an epic story.  
Time 6 pm and 9 pm 
At Prithvi Theatre, Janki Kutir, Juhu. 
Log on to 
Cost Rs 350


Taste like a pro

Taste like a pro
Wine Tasting: Get a possibility to swirl, smell, and sip on eyeglasses of booze as expert Sweta Mohanty helps we know your wines improved and span it with your cheese of choice. 
Time 6 pm 
At Silver Beach Café, Bandra West. 
Log on to 
Cost Rs 990

Single out nature

Single out nature
Walk: If we are singular and longing for a day amidst nature, join Sayee, a immature botanist who will control a singles’ inlet travel this weekend. It creates for a good time to try a timberland trails of Sanjay Gandhi National Park and learn some-more about a flora and fauna.
Reporting time 8.30 am 
Meeting indicate Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Western Express Highway, Borivali East. 
Log on to 
Cost Rs 450


Say it with words

Say it with words
Poetry: Overcome your theatre trepidation by induction for an open mic of poetry, comedy and singing. The dusk will underline thespian Hardik Dave, giving a special performance. Share a spotlight with associate artistes and take over a theatre with your talent.
Time 5.30 pm AT Dorangos Hall 2, Pali Hill, Bandra. 
Log on to
Cost Rs 49

Go, go Goa

Go, go Goa
FB: Be prepared to penchant some Goan cuisine as partial of a culinary array that highlights hyper-regional flavours from opposite India. It is a singular partnership between childhood friends and chefs, Dane Fernandes and Avinash Martins. Experience a initial of a array and learn flavours of Goan Saraswat and Goan Hindu cuisines.
Time 7 pm to 11 pm  
At JW Café, Project Road, Andheri East. 
Log on to 
Cost Rs 2,500 and taxes

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