An art muster that highlights phobias

An octogenarian’s lass solo vaunt during a SoBo gallery captures visuals of undiscerning phobias combined over a camber of 6 decades

An art muster that highlights phobias

Philophobia or fear of love

Over centuries, insecurity, craving and even stupidity has spurred good artists to emanate masterpieces that endure them. Yet, there are few who have sought to visualize undiscerning fears or phobias like Dinshaw Mogrelia in his works that are now being exhibited during a Jehangir Art gallery.

Rhabdophobia or fear of magic. Pics Courtesy/Dinshaw Mogrelia
Rhabdophobia or fear of magic. Pics Courtesy/Dinshaw Mogrelia

The 83-year-old artist found his passion as a immature child looking to surpass his brother. “I motionless that we am going to do a many improved pursuit than any of my siblings. That was a initial step in my journey,” he says. After graduating from Sir JJ School of Art in 1964, he would work on his ideas in his gangling time from work as a visible and artistic engineer in advertising.

Mogrelia admits he suffered from stress and several fears himself. As a coping mechanism, he would scribble, blueprint and draw. While he rejected many as severe work, he would lapse to some of them again over a years. “Over time, we grown a certain style; a certain expression,” he claims.

Dinshaw Mogrelia
Dinshaw Mogrelia

The muster includes 120 works, grown over 6 decades, and an designation on merinthophobia — a fear of being tied up. “Phobias are undiscerning fears. My creations should assistance people see a phobias for what they are — a product of your mind.” The artist states that visitors are captivated to opposite paintings for opposite reasons.

With copiousness of time during palm and a immeasurable repertoire, a octogenarian is not done. “This is a collection of my interpretations of phobias. While there are 120 paintings, there are many some-more phobias out there. The pursuit is not finished yet,” he emphasises.

Till: Jul 4; 11 am to 7 pm
At: Jehangir Art Gallery, MG Road, Kalaghoda

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