Afghan Women Have Been Barred From Working or Attending Kabul University

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The new Taliban-appointed chancellor, Mohammad Ashraf Ghairat, has announced that Afghanistan women will no longer be authorised to work or attend Kabel University. On Monday, Sept, 27,2021, a chancellor admitted that women can't attend or work during a university “until an Islamic sourroundings is created.”

Via his Twitter account, Ghairat settled “Islam First.” He believes that women should not be authorised to work or serve their educations “As prolonged as genuine Islamic sourroundings is not supposing for all.”

Earlier that day a Taliban-appointed chancellor tweeted that Kabul University has been operative on a devise to accommodate womanlike students. However, he did not discuss when pronounced devise would be complete.

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According to his twitter about a situation, they are hashing out “a devise for masculine lecturers to be means to learn womanlike students from behind a screen in a classroom.”

There has been a lot of critique over Gharirat’s miss of credentials. To that Ghairat tweeted that he felt he was “fully competent to reason this chair.”

On Sep 28, a Taliban-appointed chancellor suggested his prophesy for Kabul University. He wants a university to turn a heart for “all genuine Muslims around a universe to gather, investigate and investigate [as good as] Islamicize a complicated science.”

Gharirat serve wrote that a university will acquire “pro-Muslim scholars and students to advantage from a genuine Islamic environment.”

The Taliban has a story of treating women as second-class citizens. They have subjected women to forced marriages and violence; creation them roughly invisible in Afghanistan.

Back in August, a Taliban reclaimed Kabul after a United States pulled out their forces. After they reclaimed a collateral a Taliban’s care claimed they were not going to make such oppressive conditions this time around. However, they have nonetheless to keep these promises.

Many people have turn intensely disturbed about a miss of womanlike illustration in a newly shaped halt government.

Written by Sheena Robertson


CNN: Afghan women barred from training or attending Kabul University; by Karen Smith and Tara John

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