16 Earthquakes Shake New Caledonia and Loyalty Islands


Sixteen earthquakes struck nearby Tadine, New Caledonia and a Loyalty Islands, on Nov. 19, 2017.
The quakes started during 9:25 UTC +11, and continued until 16:08. The distance of a temblors and a inlet they reached were as follows, commencement with a many recent:

  • 5.7M 10 km depth
  • 5.9M 10 km
  • 6.9M 19 km
  • 6.6M 20 km
  • 6.5M 10 km
  • 4.8M 7 km
  • 6.4M 25 km
  • 4.8M 20 km
  • 5.3M 32 km
  • 5.0M 10 km
  • 4.7M 24 km
  • 4.8M 20 km
  • 5.3M 10 km
  • 5.1M 10 km
  • 6.7M abyss not reported
  • 6.4M 25 km
  • 6.3M 10 km

Residents of a islands reported feeling a shake of a incomparable earthquakes. Some pronounced it even woke them from their slumber.

The incomparable earthquakes were approximately 77 km from Tadine. There is not a tsunami warning in a area from a temblors.

Written by Jeanette Smith



Image Courtesy of J Brew’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

16 Earthquakes Shake New Caledonia and Loyalty Islands combined by Jeanette Smith on Nov 19, 2017
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